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18th July 2023

Environmental Education (Age 4+)

We offer a range of popular Environmental Education activities suitable for ages 4+

Sailing on the lake in a sail boat


Lead the session yourself by hiring out our equipment or leave it the hands of our experienced instructors to deliver the activity for you.

Your pupils will get hands on with our creatures and plants to learn about different habitats, adaptations, food webs and predator-prey relationships. We teach scientific methods to help identify different species of mini-beast and plants and survey them.

For those who want geography to come to life try one of our River Studies sessions. Don your wellies and let our instructors teach your students about the Water Cycle, River Formation and Flooding. We look at rivers in the wider landscape and the impact of industry and agriculture on our waterways.

No lesson planning is required: all sessions are tailored towards the Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum syllabus and include work booklets to take back to school.


With all environmental education activities, for children under the age of 8 years, in addition to the Ranger provided there must be staff present to take overall responsibility for the group. 1:30 ranger to students ratio.

Consent Forms

Consent form will need to be completed for group bookings. If you have instant access to participants’ medical information - for example, on a school database - the group consent form is appropriate. This form must be signed before any participant can take part in the activity.

Consent Form


Check out out Before You Visit page for our what to bring guides for further information. 

Learn more about our activities

Pond Dipping 

Catch beasts of the deep and find out about life cycles and food chains in the murky depths of the lakes at Dinton.

Meadows & Woodland 

Find out what is flying, crawling, creeping and hiding in the grass meadows and woodland and habitats at Dinton.

River Studies 

Measure, explore and analyse the waterways of Dinton. Bring your wellies and we will supply everything else for an in depth study of a section of one of our site rivers.

Wilderness Skills 

An introductory session to the world of bushcraft, with shelter building for teddy bears, the art of tracking and using the natural world to navigate. This session has no fire lighting involved.

Map Walks 

What makes a map a Map? And how do we use one? Our map walks are tailored to Key Stage 1 and they look at where do we use maps, what does a map show us and what does it need? Then how we use it to get our bearings and decide where we want to go. 

Natural Navigation

The ability to read the world around us to find our way has been an essential life skill for millennia. This awareness of the signs and cues given to us by nature is being slowly lost. This experiential session aims to get the students to open their senses to the natural world around them to identify different natural navigation markers to help them find their way.