Last updated:

11th July 2024

Finchwood Park

Finchwood Park


About Finchwood Park 

Finchwood Park is an informal recreational area built on the grounds of the Grade II listed West Court manor house in Finchampstead. The 28.1-hectare site is made up of a mosaic of habitats, including woodland, rough grassland, glades, hedgerows, ponds, and wetlands.  

The site consists of a network of surfaced and non-surfaced footpaths, and crosses the Devil’s Highway historic roman road.

Parking Facilities 

Finchwood Park has no formal parking facilities. 


The majority of footpaths on the site are rough hard-surfaced, with some stabilised non-surfaced paths. The non-surfaced paths may become muddy in wetter months. There are no steep inclines on the site. Therefore, most of the site is accessible to wheelchair users who have sturdy chairs.

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