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Wokingham Borough Council’s Countryside Service are based at our flagship site, Dinton Pastures Country Park

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Wokingham Borough Council’s Countryside Service are based at our flagship site, Dinton Pastures Country Park, but we also take care of many other sites in the Wokingham Borough including Local Nature Reserves, SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest), and a number of other natural greenspaces, including woodlands, heathlands, lakes and meadows. Many of these consist of a mixture of natural wildlife areas and public accessibility features, usually with a mixture of surfaced and non-surfaced paths, bins, benches and, in some cases, car parks. 

Most sites are suitable for dog walkers, but please keep dogs under control at all times, and on leads whenever signage on sites indicates to do so. Please check individual site pages for information on accessibility and facilities.

The Countryside Service is majority self-funded, with the income from car parking, fishing, and other activities at Dinton Pastures and California Country Parks going towards the upkeep of sites across the borough (with the exception of a few sites with specific nature/heritage reserve designations and sites associated with housing developments, which come with external funding).

Please report any issues such as vandalism, fallen trees blocking paths, or damaged furniture to the countryside service, telephone number 0118 934 2016 Option 2, or by email at

Site Considerations

Please help us to keep our sites clean, tidy and safe by following these rules:

  • Please be mindful of wildlife and refrain from causing any disturbance.
  • Please pick up after your dog and make use of the bins on site, or take it home with you. You can be fined up to £1000 for not picking up after your dog.
  • Please keep dogs under control.
  • Please take litter home or use the bins provided.
  • No fires or BBQs to be had on any of our sites.
  • No drones or metal detectors to be used on site.
  • No camping/sleeping on site.

Cyclists, please follow the code of conduct:

  • Give way to pedestrians and wheelchair users.
  • Be courteous and patient with pedestrians and other path users who are moving more slowly than you – shared paths are for sharing, not speeding.
  • Slow down as needed when space is limited or if you cannot see clearly ahead.
  • Be particularly careful at junctions, bends, entrances onto the path, or any other ‘blind spots’ where people (including children) could appear in front of you without warning.
  • Carry a bell and use it or an audible greeting – avoid surprising people.
  • However, don’t assume people can see or hear you – remember that many people are hard of hearing or visually impaired.
  • In dull and dark weather make sure you have lights so you can be seen.