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2nd November 2023

Booking Terms and Conditions

Sailing on the lake in a sail boat



The following definitions shall apply throughout this document:

  • We, Us, Our, The Council or The Activity Centre means Wokingham Borough Council, which owns and operates Dinton Activity Centre.
  • I, We, You, Your or The Customer means any person, company, organisation or other legal entity which makes a booking or purchases a service from The Activity Centre.
  • Participant means any person taking part in an activity purchased from The Activity Centre.
  • Members are any person or persons who maintain a valid membership of The Activity Centre.
  • The Service means any course, activity, product, equipment, service or facility offered by The Activity Centre to The Customer for which a charge is payable.
  • Any reference to writing or written means communication by letter or email. No other form of communication is applicable.


  • These terms and conditions apply in all circumstances where a booking and/or purchase of an activity, course, product, equipment, service or facility is made by a Customer from The Activity Centre. No other terms and conditions are accepted unless any additional and or amended terms and or conditions are applied by The Council to any activity course product equipment service or facility.
  • These terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.


Statement of Risk:

  • Outdoor and adventurous activities often involve learning new skills in unfamiliar environments. As such these activities have an element of risk, which includes a danger of personal injury or death. Participants and/or their parents/guardians undertaking these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.
  • The Council ensures that it’s range of safety management systems are inspected regularly by external National Governing Bodies, including the Adventure Activities Licencing Authority and the Royal Yachting Association.
  • The Council reserves the right to cancel or modify any activity if it believes there to be unacceptable risk attached in offering such an activity to the public. The Council’s decision is at its sole discretion.

Statement of Physical Ability:

  • You should ensure that you have an adequate level of fitness and a certain level of confidence, in order to take part in the activity that you wish to book.
  • If you have any concerns about your medical fitness to take part in an activity please consult with you doctor before booking. If you would like to discuss any adjustments we may be able to make to assist with this please call the activity centre in advance of your booking.


I/We the Customer/s understand that we are taking part in this activity at our own risk, and I/We accept that The Activity Centre will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to Customers, members or their guests to The Activity Centre except in the case of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of The Activity Centre or officers, staff, volunteers or servants of Wokingham Borough Council, neither The Council nor The Activity Centre shall be liable to me/us or any other party whether arising in contract, tort, negligence or breach of statutory duty or otherwise arising out of the use of the club premises and any other facilities of the activity centre. I understand that customers, members of The Activity Centre and their guests may use The Activity Centre premises and any other facilities of The Activity Centre entirely at their own risk and accept that centre will not accept any liability for any damage to, or loss of, property belonging to customers, members or their guests unless this has occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the staff of the Activity Centre or officers or servants of the Council or volunteers under the control or supervision of the Council.

Data Protection

  • For our GDPR policy visit and read our privacy statement.
  • If you supply us with your e-mail address and opt in your email address will be added to our electronic mailing list. The participants’ contact details will not be sold or passed to further third parties.
  • Dinton Activity Centre occasionally takes photos of participants for publicity, including use on our own website [] and Facebook page [ and []. If you are happy for participant(s) to be photographed, please opt in during the booking process.

Scheduled Activities

Our scheduled activities are generally advertised on our events page of the website. Our scheduled activities have a minimum age requirement.

  • Activities where children are signed into our care, such as school holiday courses, have an age restriction. This restriction is applied to children under the age of six, unless otherwise stated.
  • Our group events have a minimum age requirement depending upon the type of activity package, clearly advertised on the website.
  • Underage or unaccompanied (where applicable) participants will not be allowed to participate in their activity.

Some of our scheduled activities have an experience or qualification pre-requisite.

  • Experience is judged by a relevant Senior Instructor [experience is based upon either formal qualifications being presented or by means of a verbal and physical knowledge test where appropriate, in accordance to the relevant syllabus and experience level].
  • Participants that do not meet the pre-requisites of their activity will not be allowed to complete that activity. Where possible they will be moved onto another activity running simultaneously.
  • Bookings may be made in person or by telephone, email or online. [Booking and Enquiry line: 0118934 4424,]
  • Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of full payment, which may be made by debit/credit card.
  • If you are late for your safety briefing at the start of your shared activity session, you will not be able to participate for health and safety reasons and refunds will not be available. If you are late for the start of your one to one activity session, you will be able to participate, but your session will finish at the original end time and no extension to the session length will be made, nor a discount or refund given.
  • If you are late to boat hire, you will be able to go out, but your session will finish at the original end time and no extension to the session length will be made, nor a discount or refund given.

Group Events

  • Our group events are available for parties, school and youth groups and corporate teams. They are booked as a package and are open by invitation of the group leader only.
  • Group events have a minimum group size of six people.
  • Discounts may be available for registered charities, Ofsted inspected schools and nationally organised youth groups. A minimum group size of at least 20 people may apply.
  • Our group events have a minimum age requirement:
  • Watersports have a minimum age of 8.
  • Land based activities have a minimum age of 4.
  • Bookings may be made in person or by telephone or by email.
  • Your activities, chosen date and times are not secure until we confirm your booking.

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.

  • Our standard deposit is £100 per day or 10% of the total cost, whichever is greatest.
  • Payment may be by debit/credit card, bank transfer or invoice.
  • Where our quote is less than £100, full payment is required to confirm your booking.

Full payment and final numbers are due no less than 21 days prior to your booking.

  • Failure to make full payment may result in your booking being cancelled. Any cancellations made within the 21 days prior to your booking will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Amendments to dates within 21 days of a booking will be charged at £80 per instructor required.
  • Final numbers can be amended in the 21 days prior to your booking with the written agreement of the Activity Centre. Any reduction in numbers will not result in a refund. Any additional participants will incur extra costs and must be approved in advance by the Activity Centre. It is not always possible to amend the numbers of your group booking in the 21 days prior to your activity, any amendments made will need approving by the Centre.

Bespoke Tuition

  • We offer bespoke tuition for individuals, couples or small groups up to 6 participants.
  • Private tuitions have a minimum age of 8, except where a paying adult guardian accompanies the child on the activity, in the same craft where applicable.

Consent Forms

  • A consent form must be presented for each participant on a scheduled activity. [Consent forms can be completed at the activity centre reception or completed online [] or if they are booking online through Booking Live the consent form is part of the booking process.
  • If no information changes, we will accept a single consent form for the calendar year.
  • For group events, the group leader has the choice of presenting individual consent forms or a single group consent form. In either case, we will require all relevant medical information [as requested in the form] relating to the participants.
  • It is your responsibility to tell us if any of the information on the consent form changes.
  • Failure to present a complete and signed consent form will prevent a participation in the activity.


  • Some of the Activity Centre’s scheduled activities include an assessment against a national governing body syllabus.
  • Participating in an assessment does not automatically lead to you passing the assessment.
  • All assessment results are at the sole discretion of the assessor.
  • If you would like to appeal an assessment decision, you will have to follow the appeal guidelines of the relevant national governing body.

Car Parking

  • Participants should ensure they have a valid car park permit or ticket for the duration of their activity, which must be clearly displayed on their vehicle.
  • A car park ticket for the duration of the activity is included with adult and instructor training courses.

Cancellations and Amendments

Cancellation by The Customer - Cancellations must be made in writing and the following refunds will be available

  • If you cancel up to six weeks before your booking, you will be given a full refund.
  • If you cancel between six and two weeks before your booking, you be given a 50% refund and/or lose your deposit.
  • If you cancel less than two weeks before your booking, you will not be eligible for a refund and you will be liable for the full cost of your booking, should you not have previously paid.
  • Refunds beyond those stated above are at the Centre Manager’s discretion.

Amendments by The Customer – Individual bookings

  • Amendments may be made to the time, date, activity and participants of a booking up to 48hrs prior to the booking date.
  • Amendments will be charged at £15 per booking.
  • Amendments are subject to availability and at our sole discretion.

Cancellation by The Activity Centre: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any activity for the following reasons:

  • Adverse environmental conditions such as: electrical storms, high winds, algal blooms, frozen waters, equipment breakages, instructor sickness, insufficient uptake or extraordinary circumstances out of our control [force majeure].
  • Rescheduled courses will be re-allocated up to 6 months from the date of your original course, unless cancelled under extenuating circumstances. This is at the discretion of the Centre Manager. The standard reallocation period may then be extended up to 12 months
  • Cash refunds will not be available; however the Customer will be issued with a gift voucher, of equal value. The gift voucher can be used to re-book onto any course or activity of their choice. Gift vouchers will have maximum expiration date of 365 days from the date of issue.


  • Occasionally we may offer discounts, coupons and other such promotions.
  • If you have already purchased a service from us, prior to a promotion being offered, no refund will be offered in respect of the promotion.
  • To take advantage of a promotion, you must present the coupon or voucher code at the time of purchase.
  • You may only use one offer or promotion for each purchase, unless otherwise stated.

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift vouchers expire 365 days from the date of purchase. The Lake Access Pass start date or activity you wish to book must fall within this period.
  • Each voucher has a voucher code which may only be used once. Any attempt to make a purchase with a non-existent, expired or redeemed voucher will be rejected.
  • Our gift Annual Lake Access Pass vouchers are non-transferable. This means you cannot change the type of membership gifted once the purchase has been made or use the value of the gifted membership for any other products. You may also not transfer ownership of the voucher to a third party.
  • Gift purchases cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any Dinton Activity Centre transaction, except our car park charges and promotional events.

Participants and Code of Conduct

  • The participant(s) shall be subject to the authority, guidance and discipline of The Activity Centre staff.
  • Participants should read and understand the Safeguarding and Anti Bullying policies of the Activity Centre, which are available on our website or by request.
  • Medical information will be stored and used for the safety of the participant during the activities. In the event of an accident or illness requiring emergency treatment, you authorise any GP or hospital authority to administer any emergency measures required.
  • Participants must be adequately and safely equipped and clothed for the activities planned, as outlined in our pre-course information.
  • Participants may be removed from an activity if The Activity Centre considers their conduct or the operating environment to be unsafe. Participants must refrain from being under the influence of intoxicating substances whilst undertaking an activity. Every reasonable effort will be made by The Activity Centre to ensure the safety of the participant.
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) must be worn at all times whilst on the water or the pontoons (paddleboards with an appropriate leash are exempt). If you wish to use your own PFD, it must be in good working order and carry a ‘CE’ mark.
  • An appropriate wetsuit or dry suit and thermal layers must be worn during the period of 1st November – 31st March. For certain activities, this may be waivered at the Senior Instructors discretion.
  • Any aggressive, abusive or disrespectful behaviour will result in an instruction to leave the facilities and an investigation may follow.
  • All Customers, members or their guests must use the bins provided or remove their own rubbish, dropping rubbish on the site will be considered as littering.
  • No valuables should be left in the changing room facilities, and if stored on site, they are left at your own risk. It is advised that customers use the lockers provided.
  • All Customers, members and their guests are requested to respect other users of the facilities
  • Emergencies on the site must be reported to staff to ensure we can coordinate the emergency response.
  • The decisions of the Senior Instructor are final.

Lost Property

  • Lost property will be collated each evening
  • Every effort will be made to cross reference the labelled items with course participants. Contact will be attempted with the owner.
  • Valuable items such as cards, watches, phones & keys will be securely stored and logged.
  • Before any item is returned to a Customer a description of the item must be given by the Customer.
  • Lost property will be kept for two weeks. Non-valuables will be recycled or donated to charity. Valuables will be given to the police.
  • No compensation will be given for any lost property.

Boat Hire

  • Boat hire is available on a pay book and play basis from April to October at weekends and during Wokingham Borough school holidays.
  • Bookings outside of these times may be arranged with prior discussion with the Activity Centre.
  • Boat hire is subject to availability and the prevailing weather conditions. If conditions deteriorate during your boat hire, we reserve the right to remove you from the water. Refunds for the value of hire remaining will be given as gift vouchers.
  • Cash refunds are not available – amendments to your boat hire booking must be made 48 hours in advance, either by phone, email or in person.
  • Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult in the same craft.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised (in line of sight) by an adult from the shore.
  • Buoyancy aids or life jackets must be worn correctly at all times, whilst on the water.
  • Boats hired for 30 minutes or under must stay on the nearside of both islands.
  • Boats hired for 1 hour or more can go beyond the islands at their own risk.
  • Swimming is not permitted in the lake except for supervised swimming sessions, or in the event of a capsize.
  • Any damages, over the cost of £20, to the craft hired will be charged to you at a rate of 50% of the repair costs.

Use of own boats

  • Day tickets allow visitors to take their own boat onto the lake during The Activity Centre operating times.
  • Annual Lake Pass holders receive launching rights as part of their pass. If they wish to take their boat on to the lake outside of our operating hours, they must have a ‘buddy system’ in place. The ‘buddy system’ ensures that should the member get into difficulty, there will be another person in contact on the shore to facilitate a rescue or call for help. This person must be in line of sight or be able to be contacted via mobile phone, kept on your person in a waterproof pouch.
  • All boats must be insured for third party liability, have suitable buoyancy and be in an adequate state for use on the water in the prevailing weather conditions.

Permitted boats/craft are restricted to;

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Rowing Boats
  • Windsurfers
  • Sailing boats
  • Paddleboards
  • Powered boats, such as a motor boat, are not permitted on the water without prior approval of the Centre Manager.
  • Swimming is not permitted in the lake except for supervised swimming sessions, or in the event of a capsize. 

Lake Access Passes

The Activity Centre offers an Annual Lake Pass for a twelve month period which provides the following rights and discounts:

  • Access to changing facilities and toilets
  • Safety cover during Centre opening hours (see website)
  • Annual Lake Passes are available online and The Activity Centre reserves the right to decline a Pass at its sole discretion.
  • Membership fees buy you a minimum of 12 months membership and are not refundable.
  • Renewals are the responsibility of the member, although we may send you a reminder.
  • Annual Lake Access Passes and storage fees, along with the discounts are set out in The Council’s annual fees and charges, which are available on the Wokingham council website.
  • A valid Annual Lake Access Pass is required to take part in an activity where a membership discount has been applied.
  • Car park permits for the country parks are available from Wokingham Borough Council, for an additional fee. Permit applications can be downloaded from the website.
  • Important correspondence should be sent via email to, or by post to ‘Wokingham Borough Council, Dinton Activity Centre, Sandford lane ,Hurst, Berkshire, RG10 0SU’.
  • Parents and guardians have sole responsibility for and shall supervise their children at all times whilst they are in the Activity Centre. The Activity Centre cannot be expected to provide supervision. During The Activity Centre operating hours The Activity Centre staff will monitor the water and provide first aid if required.
  • Family membership is available for up to four people residing at the same address.

Concessionary membership: A discounted membership price is available for qualifying adults under the following criteria:

  • Over 65 years old
  • Receive Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • Score minimum  8 points for moving around or communicating verbally component of Personal Independence Payment
  • Receive War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
  • Hold a valid Blue Badge 


Offsite / Private Hire

  • The mobile climbing wall is available for private hire in a package which includes: the wall, instructors for operating the wall and running climbing sessions, safety equipment, delivery within Wokingham Borough and any other optional extras purchased at time of booking. The Council will organise delivery of the equipment to and from the site, and ensure it is assembled and ready for use. The Council will ensure that the staff provided will be suitably qualified as per AALA regulations, hold DBS clearance and hold a current first aid qualification.
  • Where only the wall is hired, the Customer will be responsible for the safe operation of the wall and the activity. This includes assembly, group management, risk assessment, appropriate instructor qualifications and operating procedures.
  • The Customer should ensure a suitable area for the equipment is provided. The Council will provide the dimensions of the wall and make recommendations to the size of area required. The Council reserve the right to decide upon the suitability of the site. To ensure safe operation the site should be an area of hard standing or a firm grass with no overhead obstructions. The Customer should ensure that suitable site access is available for the Council to deliver and remove the equipment.
  • The Customer is responsible for ensuring that there are suitable crowd control arrangements in order to keep the viewing audience a safe distance from the equipment.
  • Users of the equipment must be over 4 years old, be suitably dressed and use the safety equipment provided. The Council retains the right to limit participation for safety or other reasons.
  • The Council reserve to right to stop the activity depending on prevailing conditions. No discount or reduction in fees will be made if the weather or other conditions outside the control the Council preclude all or part of the event taking place. This includes, but is not limited to, strong winds and electrical storms.
  • The Council’s staff will be representing the Council for the duration of hire and will be wearing Council uniform. A reasonable amount of marketing materials will be on display for the duration of hire.
  • The Council may collect such information required to comply with national governing body and licensing requirements. It may also collect email addresses for marketing purposes. Persons under the age of eighteen will require written consent from their parent/guardian before participating. Such information will be used in compliance with all Data Protection legislation.