Last updated:

22nd November 2023

Play park

The award winning Dinton Pastures play park is a fun and exciting space for children of all ages.

Children playing in the park


This play space has been designed by Davies White Ltd Landscape Architects to be non-prescriptive and to connect children with nature. The emphasis is on tactile and sensory play and there are many design features that have been thought through to increase access to the play features.

Giant nest towers, monkey bars, funnel trap nests, secret hobbit holes and giant swinging and climbing logs are some of the exciting features of our hugely popular play park. Opened in 2014 to an unprecedented response, this fantastic facility is available all year round.
There is so much for our youngest visitors to discover with den-building structures, swinging hanging logs and underground tunnels. The more adventurous can enjoy giant nest towers and a woodland obstacle course. A timber bridge joins the main mounds, connecting two large grassy mounds with a secret hidey-hole. 

A dedicated space for toddlers features swings, wide slide, a willow maze and a huge giant log. A large storytelling area has been created using giant wooden eggs.