Last updated:

21st August 2023

Boat Hire FAQs

Boat hire what to bring


What can I hire?

You can hire pedalos, paddleboards, canoes, single and double kayaks

What are the age restrictions?

The youngest we can allow out on the water for boat hire is 2, this is subject to them fitting into our smallest size of life jacket. Any persons under the age of 8 must have an adult in the boat with them. Any persons taking part under the age of 16 must be under direct supervision from an adult from the shore.

Can I cancel my booking? 

Bookings are non-refundable unless the refund request is made within 14 days of purchasing online or over the phone. 

Can I amend my booking? 

Amendments may be made to the time, date and participants of a booking up to 48 hours prior to the booking date. Amendments will be charged a £15.00 admin fee. 

What happens if the lake is closed for safety reasons? 

Please note that on occasions we may have to clear the water of people for the safety of those in it. There will be no refunds available should this happen but we will do our best to get you back in as soon as possible for the remainder of your session. If we are unable to reopen the water during your session we will look to rearrange your booking for another session.

What happens if it rains? 

We continue come rain or shine. Refunds are not available due to poor weather, however if it is unsafe (high winds, thunder and lightning etc) we will offer you to re-book or a gift voucher for the total. 

What happens if I am late?

If you are late for your session, you will be able to take part in your activity, but your session will finish at the original end time and no extension to the session length will be made, nor a discount or refund given. Please make every effort to sign in for the time of your booking, or a few minutes early to ensure you get the full time in the facility. 

How long is a boat hire slot?

The Standard boat hire slots are 30 minutes long. On weekdays you can book pedalo slots back to back meaning you can go out for an hour. On weekends you are able to book pedalos, paddleboards and single kayaks in back to back slots. This is booked online.

How do I pay safely?

At this current time we will only be accepting online bookings. Our bookings website is fully mobile friendly so can easily be booked on the day, on your mobile device.

Where should I park?

We would suggest that you park at the Activity Centre Car Park, off of Sandford Lane (RG10 0SU). The main Dinton car park gets extremely busy, and is a 15 minute walk away form the activity centre. Please arrive with ample time before your booking as we cannot guarantee a parking space at the centre during busy periods, 

Do we need to pay for parking?

Yes. Ticket machines are available at each car park. Please ensure that you display your ticket as our car parks are regularly patrolled by enforcement officers. Alternatively you can use the Ringo App.

If I park at the main Dinton entrance how do I find the activity centre? 

The activity centre can be accessed via the circular path that surrounds Dinton Pastures. Head to the back of the car park where you will find the entrance to the country park. After passing the play area, follow the circular path round to the the right, keeping the lake on your left and you will reach the activity centre. 

Where should I go for my boat hire?

On the beach you will see a gazebo where you will be met by staff who will get you set up and ready to head out on the water. The staff will ensure that your safety equipment is fitted correctly and that you understand the rules for being on the lake. 

How do I fit my buoyancy aid?

Buoyancy aids are highly adjustable and so must be fitted correctly. Simply loosen the shoulder straps and side straps, put on the buoyancy aid as you would a vest or jacket and then tighten the straps to make it secure. Staff will be on hand to give you advice although will not be able to physically help you due to distancing requirements. 

How do I get onto/off of the boat safely without help?

When getting on and off the boat it’s important to think about balance. Never have too many people on one side of the boat. Steady yourself with one hand on the boat in order to climb across, and then move across to the other side to allow the next person to climb in. 

If we fall in, how do we get back into the boat?

If someone is still inside the boat then the best method to recover a man–overboard is to grab the shoulder straps of the persons’ buoyancy aid in the water, using this purchase to pull the person over the side and back into the boat. Ensure you use the lowest part of the boat to the water-level as there is less distance to pull the person back on board. A safety boat will be on hand to provide guidance and will be able to recover the person from the water as a last resort. 

If I hurt myself will there be first aid?

All of the staff running boat hire are first aid trained and will be able to provide supplies and advice. They will only physically intervene if absolutely necessary. First aid will be provided where necessary taking appropriate protective measures such as using gloves and face masks. 

What if my boat suffers a mechanical issue? 

Boats are routinely maintained to check for damage and fixed where necessary. If you have any problems out on the water then please get the attention of the safety boat driver by waving both arms up and down simultaneously. They will then come to assist you.

Pedalo FAQs

Boat hire what to bring

How many people can go in a pedalo?

There can be up to 5 people in a pedalo, children included. 

How many people can operate the pedalo?

There are two pedal seats with a shared steering control between them. The remaining crew can sit on the front deck and enjoy the view. 

Can my child reach the pedals of the pedalo?

The pedal seats are designed for adults. If a child sits on the edge they may be able to reach the pedals, but be careful their feet don’t lose footing and get trapped by the other person pedaling as the sets are connected. 

Do the pedalos have child seats?

There are no child seats. There is a grab rail on both sides of the front deck area to hold onto. In the event something went wrong, we wouldn’t want anyone strapped into the boat. Everyone going afloat will need to wear a life jacket.

Can dogs go on the pedalos?

Well behaved dogs are allowed on the boats. We suggest keeping them on a lead to prevent any unwanted wobbling of the boat.